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Company Ltd., Slavkomerc, from Teslic from 2000 began to be intensively engaged in hazelnut plantation cultivation and production of certified plants hazel cultivars that are under the control of agricultural and health institute in Banja Luka. 
Production of hazelnut and hazelnut seedlings is an important component activities of our company. Since the essential raw hazelnuts in confectionary industry and that all amounts are imported from Turkey, whose hazel very poor quality I buy nuts is not a problem. Production of nuts here and in neighboring countries is far from demand. The European Union has no limits on the amount of hazelnut orchards to new members from the above reasons. Agrotechnical measures are rather simpler than the classic fruit production, no major illnesses and our climate as well as land her the perfect match. From all this it follows that this kind of fruit production is ideal for both remedial and for the core business. 
For all of our potential customers in addition to the literature we have a professional team that will monitor your moment in all Stages and there is a possibility to acquire all of the contracted quantity of nuts produced.

Sincerely d.o.o., Slavkomerc,,


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